Check out the testimonials that our Turtle Tots baby swimming instructors regularly receive from proud Mums (and Dads)!

Lilly has now been swimming for over half of her 24-week life and it is something I would recommend to any parent, not just for the safety aspect - which of course is so important - but also for the sense of pride you get in watching someone so young respond so quickly. Lilly can hold her breath on cue before going under the water and shows no fear - she's so relaxed in the water. The babies learn through songs, which they love especially when toys are incorporated. Lastly, the pool is lovely and warm, which is good for both of us!!"

Laura & Lilly, UK

"My daughter, Eva has been swimming since she was 15 weeks old and Jodi at Turtle Totshas changed her experience of water through that time. She would be quite clingy in the bath and nervous but now she is a proper little fish and smiles, giggles and even chats when in the pool. Having been nervous about the underwater part, I now love that bit the best and I can already feel excited that Eva will never know what it is like NOT to swim. A wonderful experience and worth it's weight in gold. Thanks."

Rachel and Eva, UK

"I joined Hayley's Turtle Tots class in July/August 2012. I thoroughly looked forward to each class every week and couldn't wait for Sunday mornings. It was great being able to do the yoga exercises that wouldn't be recommended outside of the pool or that I couldn't probably do and I loved the relaxation section at the end of the class - a real treat! Hayley was great at explaining the different exercises and how each move benefited us in preparation for labour. I will most definitely be recommending Hayley's classes to all of my friends"

Hayley Champion, UK

"I have always felt strongly about my baby learning to swim at an early age and am really pleased I have booked classes at Soundwell pool. I find the classes really fast paced and they learn so much each week - it's incredible to see Scarlett hold onto the side of the pool and keep her own body weight and kick at such an early age. She really enjoys the classes and I love the singing and general friendliness of the classes. Am impressed that Jo remembers all our names too! It's all really professionally run and I can't recommend it enough to anyone." 

Lindy Fairbanks, UK

"We've been going to Turtle Tots classes for 8 weeks now and we absolutely love it! Sebastian always seems very relaxed in the pool. We enjoy the techniques taught by Suzy and its lovely to see Sebastian progressing with his swimming!"

Aiste and Stuart Reed, with Sebastian, UK

"My daughter and I joined Turtle Tots Edinburgh this term and we love the classes. Karina is a great teacher and has a great understanding of babies and us new Mum's. The classes are a good mix of exercise for Mum or Dad and fun time for baby. I think the warm water, lovely pool and Karina's management of the class ensure we build confidence and each class is brilliant. We will definitely be signing up for next term. Such a fun activity to share with my daughter and has given us more confidence for doing our own family swim outings at weekends."

Mum Shona and baby Cara, UK