Baby and Toddler Swimming Businesses

Turtle Tots licensees are very special people!

We hand pick each licensee to ensure they are capable of running a successful business (with the stress it involves). If running a business was easy then everyone would do it – so we look for licensees who possess the following qualities:

• Leadership

• Self motivation, enthusiasm and a “can do” positive attitude

• Willingness to take ownership and accountability

• The ability to work equally well on their own and as part of a team.

• Good general health and fitness levels

• An interest in swimming and fitness

• A friendly and outgoing personality
, with a love of babies and children

• The desire to run a successful business

• Comprehensive knowledge of their local area and community.

Having a swimming teacher qualification is a bonus, but it’s not a necessity as we’ll help you become as qualified as possible through the Swimming Teachers' Association (STA) or the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), and of course you’ll also receive world-class Turtle Tots training. So don’t let that stop you getting in touch. It’s more important that you are friendly, positive and love babies and children. Most of our licensees did very different jobs before they joined Turtle Tots.

Many of our licensees have young children themselves, and we always treat our customers as we’d want to be treated ourselves – it’s not rocket science, but it leads to lots of happy customers who recommend Turtle Tots to their friends, family and colleagues.

Of course running your own business has huge benefits too. First and foremost there’s no limit to your success. There’s a famous quote: “The harder you try the luckier you get.” That’s certainly true when you run a Turtle Tots business. You’ll need to spend your first year completely immersed in your business to ensure it’s launched successfully and you’re on the right path from day one.

However, you’ll also have an enormous amount of fun working alongside a team of like-minded and supportive licensees. You can dictate your own hours (many licensees catch up on administration once their children are in bed or at school) and of course, teaching swimming is officially the best job in the world!

The initial license fee is £12,000 + VAT for one territory or £15,950 + VAT for two territories, with a 7.5% monthly royalty fee, and even in your first year you can reasonably expect to earn £20,000+ and be spending just 5-7 hours a week in the pool. However with hard work, motivation and our support, it's possible to earn far more and we'll discuss your vision for your Turtle Tots business when you come to meet us. We can even help you with investment: every licensee has been able to obtain a business loan and we have them prepare a realistic and professional business plan to achieve this.

The License Package:

• A territory in which to operate your UK, Ireland, Australia and USA-trademarked Turtle Tots business exclusively

• World class Turtle Tots training (which includes the STA’s baby & pre school qualification)

• Aqua-natal yoga training - so that you can teach aqua-natal pregnancy yoga classes too

• Comprehensive business training covering every aspect of your Turtle Tots business and use of "Bubble", our fantastic customer management software

• All the documentation and templates you'll need to run your Turtle Tots business

• A Turtle Tots email address and your own pages on our website

• Stationary and uniform to get you started

• An Online private forum for licensees to share best practice and ask advice

• As much advice and support as you need from people who have done it themselves.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to run a successful Turtle Tots business, email us at or call us on  UK (01275) 462022  to discuss the next steps.