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Meet the team

Joanne Doyle - Dublin

Hi my name is Joanne and I'm really excited about joining the Turtle Tots team. I have always loved swimming and having been introduced to swimming by my dad at a very young age I became a member of my local swimming club and swam regularly for most of my school-going years. As a busy mum of two young girls who has also brought her girls swimming from a young age I am so happy to be sharing an experience that is so fullfilling and so very enjoyable.
Cant wait to see you all in the pool :)

Audrey Brown - South Dublin

Before having my babies I had a keen interest in health and fitness and so I worked as a reception manager of westpark fitness for nearly six years, while working there I achieved a diploma in anatomy and physiology and holistic massage 💆. In between having the kids I worked in pharmacy and healthcare for another six years.
Personally I never sit around and people joke that you have to throw a net over me to catch me, but when I am home I am busy making all sorts of crafty bits and bobs. I am so excited to get started with Turtle tots and get to know all your babies and toddlers!
Carpe Diem is my motto for living.

See you all in the pool:)

Elaine Foster- Dublin & Kildare

Hi I’m Elaine and I’m delighted to be part of the Turtle Tots team. I have been involved in swimming since a young age. After working in the financial industry for 16 years I left to pursue a career in swimming teaching and I became a Turtle Tots teacher. I am very lucky to work with a great bunch of people in a job that doesn’t feel like work. Make a career out of your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life!

I am a huge advocate of water safety and the benefits of swimming for all ages. My 2 children have also been have been swimming since they were babies so I know first hand the enjoyment and fun that can be experienced in the water with your kids. The benefits of swimming are endless so starting them as babies is a wonderful gift.

See you in the pool :)

Sandra Kinnear - Dublin

Hi my name is Sandra and I am thrilled to be a part of the Turtle Tots team. I grew up swimming and spending endless days at the beach every summer…my folks couldn’t get me out of the water! When my son Robert was born, I had just one aim and that was to get him swimming as soon as possible. It was the best decision I ever made and we both love our classes. It gives parents a chance to leave any worries and endless “to do” lists at the door and just have fun with their little ones and the babies just adore the one on one attention!
When I saw an advertisement for this position I knew it was something I would love. What a great job it is to see all the little swimmers progress and share in their parent’s delight! I feel that every child deserves to have such a life-saving skill and also have so much fun learning! Looking forward to seeing you all in the pool soon! :)

Laura Martin - South Dublin

The reasons I love teaching with Turtletots


S - smiles
I love seeing all the smiley children and parents every time I am in the pool. Watching them enjoy the water grow in confident every lesson.

W - water
Well I love being in the water and swimming has always been a huge part of my life.
It is great to see so many parents and the babies/ toddlers in the pool and learning such an important life skill while having so much fun and bonding with their little ones.

I - interaction
It is so beautiful to see the interaction between parents and babies/toddler in the water
It is also great for mums to make new friends too and share baby tips which I am also great-full for as a new mum .

M - milestones
I love when babies/ toddlers have their first milestone for example their first underwater swim or holding on by themselves
I love watching each baby/toddler grow and learn while having fun with me and their parents and seeing how proud their parents are and to be part of that it is an amazing job to have. I love also to hear milestones out of the pool too like first steps and first spoon feed and sharing tips and tricks with the other moms

M - moms, dads and grandparents
I love meeting all the new parents and getting to know them through out the term
I love helping teach their babies / toddlers such and Important life skill and a great workout for mom too !

I- infant
It is so exciting to see your infant/toddler swim on their own for the first time
It is the most exciting feeling and as a teacher it makes you feel so proud it is also
Great to see all children grow in confidence in the water

N - new skills
I Love teaching new skills every week and seeing everyone progress through out the term also .It is great to see our babies /toddlers get so confident in the water while having so much fun with mom and dad !

G - Great fun
I have so much fun in every class as I’ve said before watching all the babies/ toddlers grow in confidence in the water , interaction between the other children and bonding with mum and dad.

They say do what you love and it will never feel like work and that’s what I’m doing !!
Love every day and every class !!

Laura Martin x

Jennifer Murphy - Dublin

My name is Jennifer Murphy. I'm a middle-aged woman of 2 children. Iv a fine young man aged 21 years old & a toddler of 21 months. As u can imagine blessed to have a baby after 20 years. I'm actually baby crazy. Can't get enough of them.
Swimming is a huge part of my life & its so important as swimming is a life skill. I'm a swimming teacher of 10 years & have a huge passion for it & teaching. I get a great sense of achievement to c all my babies/toddlers improve in so many ways.
Firstly I love seeing my babies/toddlers expressions when they begin to recognise me & when i get a smile back. I love watching the parent & baby bond & seeing parent when baby catches onto an activity or song that we've been doing. It's such a fun experience for all. Every week we have new swimming activities & songs. In our classes babies/toddlers get their individual opportunity for their beautiful abilities to shine & improve.
Such a great way to improve confinance. Working for Turtle Tots doesn't feel like work to me because I love every minute of my classes.

Fiona Dwyer - Galway

Hi I'm Fiona and I'm delighted to be part of the Turtle tots team in Galway! I am a mum to two busy little girls, both of which started their swimming journeys at 12 weeks old. With my first baby we went to all the various baby classes but baby swimming was the only class we continued with long term. We made new friends through our classes, had lots of fun and most importantly my daughter was learning a life long skill and enjoying every minute of it. I even signed my second baby up before she was born!
I have always had a passion for swimming. I started lessons myself when I was 4 years old. But it wasn't until I had children myself that I realised I had also had a passion for working with babies and toddlers. I used to envy our swim teachers having such a fun, exciting job and seeing babies grow and progress each term must be so rewarding... little did I think I'd go on to experience the same as a Turtle tots teacher 🐢❤️

Alanna-Caragh Kaczmarczyk - Wicklow

Hi!! My name is Alanna!
I've been swimming basically my whole life and when the opportunity arose to join the Turtle Tots team I grabbed it with both hands. Who could turn down the chance to work in a job that doesn’t feel like work at all, especially when you are doing something you love?

I absolutely ADORE teaching these classes! My own kids are Turtle Tots and even before I was a teacher I thought that their teaching program was amazing.
I can’t explain how privileged I feel to be able to teach these babies such an important life saving skill as swimming. The most rewarding part of the job for me is seeing the kids grow and progress, and also witnessing the amazing connection between parent and child in the water.

Can’t wait to see all you little Turtles in the pool!

Tony Colton - Dublin

I've been swimming for as long as I can remember and swam competitively in my teens. I'm a huge advocate for health, nutrition and fitness especially in kids and giving them a good start in these areas from a young age.
Teaching your child to swim is one of the most amazing gifts you can give them. It's not just getting them involved in a sport but it's giving them a fantastic life skill.
Both of my children started Turtle Tots at 9 weeks old and they absolutely love their lessons, seeing their friends, splashing, singing and having fun. They are so confident in the pool.
I strive to be the best teacher I can possibly be for my students and it's my aim to always help them to reach the maximum of their potential.
Children best learn new skills and make lasting happy memories when they are having fun...
That's why at Turtle Tots we bring on the smiles!

Grace Harrison - South Dublin

I have been part of the Turtle Tots team now for over a year. Before working with Turtle Tots I was a Montessori Teacher for 12 years. I have always worked with children but loved fitness and sport, so when the opportunity came along to combine the 2 I couldn't refuse. I love working with Turtle Tots and look forward to seeing you in a class soon.

Gemma Twomey - Cork

I'v always had a big interest in baby swimming since i attended classes with my own daughter. It just amazed me how much you can teach babies from such a young age. Working with turtle tots gives me the opportunity to work with babies and toddlers in a friendly, safe and fun environment . It is very rewarding to see their weekly progress and the confidence gained by every visit to the pool all while having great fun.

Eimear Barry - Cork

My name is Eimear Barry and I’m one of two turtle tots teachers here in Cork. I took on the post as a turtle tots teacher as I wanted a job that would be both rewarding and mindful and my job has proved to me to be all that. Seeing the bond between parent and child in our classes definitely is the most rewarding along with the confidence and progression I am lucky enough to witness week by week. Not only is it a bond between baby and parent but also I am so fortunate to have built such a gorgeous trusting relationship with both parents and their child. My aim with my turtle tots class is to provide fun learning while you both gain confidence and trust while in the water. Here’s to a great time together spreading turtle tots magic!!

Niamh Thomas - Mayo

I am very passionate about being involved in all sports and have always had a love for swimming. I am a mother to two young children who have excelled at swimming from 12 weeks old. After bringing them on this journey from this young age I have become a true advocate for swimming and the importance of introducing babies to the water from the first available opportunity. I see it as teaching them both a life and life-saving skill and it is a wonderful time to bond with your baby.
I knew that I wanted to learn more about the whole experience, so when the opportunity came up to be a Turtle Tots instructor, I jumped at the chance to get my qualifications. The job is the most extraordinary career I have ever had, getting to teach wonderful babies and children, seeing them develop, having no fear in the water and giving them a life-long skill as well.
I have found teaching children to be such a rewarding and exciting profession. I enjoy every minute of it.

Krystle Pavier - North Dublin

I love the water, I grew up in Australia where the sea is a little warmer though! Before moving to Ireland I was a scuba instructor, and I worked as crew on liveaboards in the Pacific Islands. I also lived in Asia for a few years and taught swimming lessons to adults alongside diving.

I am now a mum and take my son to Turtle Tots classes every week at Applewood. Having the opportunity to experience the classes on the receiving end is a great weekly reminder that life doesn't always go to plan when a toddler is involved! I love seeing how happy it makes him to play and splash about with kids his own age, and to see his confidence grow as he learns important water skills.

Being a Turtle Tots swimming teacher is hugely rewarding. We have the opportunity to see fear changed to courage, faintheartedness converted into accomplishment, and timidity transformed into confidence. It's a wonderful feeling to foster self-esteem in another person, and to change a life for the better and forever. As a parent I hope you enjoy these classes as much as I do, and above all else have fun with your little one!