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Pregnancy and Baby Fair Gold Award 2022

The Pregnancy & Baby Fair Awards are the premier  publicly voted maternity and baby awards in Ireland. With over 11...

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Baby Swimming – The First Step to Water Safety

Every week thousands and Turtle Tots come to our award-winning baby and pre-school swimming lessons, where they play, have fun...

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Group First For Autism Swimming in Ireland

Turtle Tots Ireland has become the first swim school in Ireland to offer group swimming sessions for children with Autism;...

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Independent business or franchise?

Here at Turtle Tots, we offer you a proven way of setting up your own business through a franchise, whilst...

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The Mom’s Choice Awards

Turtle Tots has received international recognition for its Baby Swimming Programme, by being named amongst the best in family-friendly educational...

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Summer Holiday Swimming Fun

Whether you prefer the beach or the swimming pool water plays a big part for most of us when we...

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Surviving The Changing Rooms!

If we asked our customers whether they enjoy swimming with their babies the answer would undoubtedly be a resounding YES!...

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Swim Nappies – The lowdown!

Little ‘accidents’ in the nappy department can close pools and cause lessons to be cancelled – hugely inconvenient for everyone...

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The Low Down on Goggles

Seeing your baby swim under the water is a magical moment for any parent.  It’s a special time that you...

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